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  • Cementime DC Bisico

    Cementime DC®

    Dual-curing, eugenol-free, semi-permanent luting cement for crowns and bridges on implants as well as for long-term temporaries, delivered in a mini syringe.
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  • CEM DC Bisico

    Cem DC

    Bisico® Cem DC is a dual-curing, light-bodied micro hybrid composite material to be used for the permanent fixing of inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and veneers.
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  • E Cem DC Bisico

    E-Cem DC

    E-Cem DC is a self-etching, dual-curing cement which can be universally used for permanent cementation of all-ceramic and metal work and composite restorations, and for cementation of root posts.
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  • Bisico Glass Cem DC Bisico

    Bisico® Glass Cem

    Bisico® Glass Cem is a special glass- ionomer luting cement for cementing of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays (metal, ceramic and zirconia) and as a liner under composites.
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  • Bisico Glass FIll Bisico

    Bisico® Glass Fill

    Bisico® Glass Fill is new developed special glass- ionomer restorative cement.
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  • Repo Core DC Bisico

    Repo-Core DC

    repo-Core DC is a dual-curing, flowable, radiopaque composite material used for core build-ups and cementation of roots.
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