Bisico® Glass Fill


Bisico® Glass Fill is new developed special glass- ionomer restorative cement.

Bisico® Glass Fill is suitable for:

  • Class I and II restorations in primary teeth
  • Small class I and II restorations in permanent teeth
  • Temporary restorations in load-bearing situations in class I and II cavities
  • Base material for class I and II cavities in the sandwich technique
  • Class V and root surface restorations

Bisico® Glass Fill is available in a hand mix version or in the convenient Aplicap™ System, which offers simple handling, constant working properties and reliable quality. It is not sensitive to moisture during storage, so it has an excellent durability. It is resin-free and is characterized by a very good biocompatibility and high radiopacity. Bisico® Glass Fill has an enhanced transparancy because some of the components that are responsible for the coloration, are dissolved in the liquid.

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