Multi Repair Set


The harmonized products of the multi Repair set “primer, opaquer and Bond” allow the immediate repair of fractured ceramic veneers in only one session, intraorally and without acid etching. The treatment can be carried out without any stress for the patient.


  • No new fabrication of metal-ceramic work
  • Safety for the patient because no acid etching required. Introral working is no problem.
  • Time saving because no preparatory acid etching and no rubber dam is necessary.
  • Visual control of the complete application because of the green colouring of MultiRepair Bond.
  • Polymerization control by neutralizing the green colouring after setting.
  • Excellent bond strength of the Multi Repair Primer on metal and ceramic (21- 23 Mpa).
  • After only 6 minutes the repair can be finished with available composite material.
  • All standard curing lights on the market can be used (halogen, LED, plasma lamp).
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